May 2003: New Smart-Its Versions (1/81,1/84): 15x25 mm (left: Communication Board), 17x30mm (right: Sensor Board)

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October 2002: TecO's BTNode development site is online:

September 2002: Movie showing Smart-Its features: AVI/DIVX (34 MByte, 640x480), MOV (1G 320x240)

September 2002: Find new software and the hardware here

June 2002: Device shrinkage: now 15x40 mm: (left:Smart-Its, right: Smart-Its with Sensor board stack on top)

May 2002: FRAM support: 8kbyte additional RAM for application data

March 2002: 160 Smart-Its RF communcation boards and 140 sensor boards are running now. All hardware plans and software is released; learn from our experience and build your own.

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Michael Beigl May 13, 2003