The Smart-Its Project

"Ubiquitous Computing is fundamentally characterized by the connection of things in the world with computation" (M. Weiser)


The latest Smart-Its technology

This Web-Site is dedicated to the development under the EU project Smart-Its (2001-2003). For newer development visit the Particle-Computer area.

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2004: New Smart-Its Versions under the Particle Web-Site

July 2003: Exhibition at SIGGRAPH 2003 in San Diego. 

June 2003: New Software available

May 2003: New Smart-Its Versions: 15x25 mm (left: Communication Board), 17x30mm (right: Sensor Board)

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Overall Project Vision

The Smart-Its project is interested in a far-reaching vision of computation embedded in the world. In this vision, mundane everyday artefacts become augmented as soft media, able to enter into dynamic digital relationships. In our project, we approach this vision with development of "Smart-Its" - small-scale embedded devices that can be attached to everyday objects to augment them with sensing, perception, computation, and communication. We think of these "Smart-Its" as enabling technology for building and testing ubiquitous computing scenarios, and we will use them to study emerging functionality and collective context-awareness of information artefacts.

Smart-Its vision and development

Smart-Its are small computing devices intended to be attached to everyday objects. Just like Post-Its enhance an object with additional information Smart-Its enhance an object with additional perception, computing and communication capabilities. By doing so, enhanced or new functionality emerge from existing objects (for examples see applications section) TecO's vision is to provide a generic platform in software and hardware for enhancing everyday objects with small computers. TecO develops a rapid prototyping environment where an object may be enhanced within an hour using the Smart-Its hardware and software. The parts of TecO's developement system consits of 

  • Smart-Its RF communication, computing and simple sensing board
  • Smart-Its generic sensor board (to be connected to the Smart-Its RF board)
  • Smart-Its application programming interface and OS for application development of Smart-Its
  • Smart-Its application programming interface for PC based services
  • Smart-Its bridge for backend (ethernet / IP) communication

TecO has produced about 160 sensor and about 140 sensor boards (most of them are handed out to research partners). The current release including all information about hardware, software and status can be found in the release section.

Smart-Its project and the Disappearing Computer Initiative

Smart-Its is a collaboration of research institutions in Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. The project is part of the initiative "The Disappearing Computer" [], funded by the European Commission to explore future and emerging technologies for everyday life. Information about other projects fundend in the disappearing Computer inititative can be found under

Michael Beigl Juli 30, 2003